Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Chapter to be written...

A year ago, I found out about a program in Spain to teach English. A good friend of mine, whom I studied abroad with, applied and got accepted to this program. From the moment I heard about this program, I knew in my heart I truly wanted to pursue that after I graduated.

During my sophomore year of college, I studied abroad in Sevilla, España. I lived in Sevilla for 4 months and completed my Spanish minor there. I feel in love with everything there-from the way of life, the food, the people, the clothes, the traveling, and shamefully the sweet pastries (which if you know me, I can not eat due to my health). I lived with a host family, who became a wonderful blessing when a high school best friend passed away. Also, I was given the opportunity to have an internship while abroad. I worked in a Café, just around the corner from school. I truly believe that blessing was what helped me become more comfortable holding better conversations in Spanish. In all, if you have never been abroad, you need to go!!

On May 14, 2011, I graduated college and I didnt have a definite for any teaching opportunities. I prayed about the Spain program for about a year, and applied for the school year of 2011-2012. Also, I applied across my state for district and private teaching jobs. All the emotions of joy, hope, nervousness, and "hot mess" episodes happened during the waiting period. The Wednesday after I graduated, I began a new list of districts to apply to, which was a moment of panic and trying to take control of my life once again- despite the fact that the Lord has a wonderful plan for me! I like to think this wednesday He was laughing at me, and saying "why do you try so hard, I have this under control!" See, the reason this particular Wednesday is so important is due to the fact that the Spain program sent me my acceptance via email during the 5 o'clock hour I was working away on my list:) But I didnt check my email that sweet Wednesday, bc I wasnt letting God in due to my obsession of being in control of my job situation.
So, the next day, I woke up and as any other morning, I let out Bells and I sat around in my haze haha bc I am never fully awake when I wake up (sweet friends, that have lived with me or travelled with me know this...i apologize but apparently I have always done this). As the morning continued, I broke from the haze and made breakfast and let Bella in the house. At this point, it dawned on me that I hadnt checked my email in a few days, so I decided to open it up...
I saw that I was accepted and the sweetest feeling in my heart told me that this was where I needed to be and it was soo soo right! So yes I am moving to Spain for the school year of 2011-2012!

This blog is to keep family, friends, mentors, teachers,and students updated with my life in Spain!! I will post as often as I remember, bc this is all new to me:) I hope you can enjoy reading about my new chapter in my life and it encourages you to follow your dreams where ever they lead you!

love love

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