Saturday, February 4, 2012

Discovering the secrets of life...

This New Year has just come along so fabulously! So great, that clearly I haven’t had time to share with you all about it faster! So first off, I’m so sorry! I love your support, love, and kindness on my time away from home. So I hope you will enjoy my month of January as I am about to share it with youJ
Haley’s sweet mama, Mrs. Debby, was here during Christmas and New Years. So, it was a nice warm Texas welcome for us! We took her all over. We took a trip to Vejer de la Frontera, Gibraltar, Morroco, Malaga, and Barcelona. We spent New Years Eve in our town in Spain, and I would say our holidays were successful!

Rrrr, baby! Barcelona 2012

Sagrada Familia Barcelona 2012

Barca, Barca!! 2012

Snake Charming? Once in a lifetime. Morroco 2012

Camel Ride Morroco 2012

"Monkey See, Monkey Do" Gibraltar 2012

Vejer de la Frontera 2012
Travelling is definitely a hobby of mine, and I got to spend most of my time doing that during the break. Through the hustle and bustle of buses, taxis, planes, ferries, and everything else in between, it definitely took my mind off of feeling homesick. (Homesick being the last thing I wanted during my first holiday season without my family.) God definitely worked through those two weeks, and comforted my heart tremendously.
Yes, I admit there are days I miss home, wish I could just hop in my car to go places, or hold Bella, but those turn out to be the days that I am most grateful for. Those days turn themselves around and the people I love the most that are so far away seem to surprise me and make me feel so much more loved than I think I would feel if I was home.  Sometimes I don’t think I make much sense, but then I feel like I make perfect sense. Days you are away from your loved ones or norms of life, help you see how very valuable and precious they truly are to you. I think this aspect of my experience in Spain has really grown me.
Every day here is a new, interesting, and surprisingly beautiful day for me. I love getting up every morning for school, because I know I will get to teach and love on my students. I know I will probably be smothered with kisses and hugs during playtime or just simply when I walk into a classroom on a good day haha! This is what I love. I’m extremely thankful for being able to live life passionate daily!
So during the month of January, I realized that life is so beautiful.  I started my school district applications as well for teaching back home in Texas next school year, applied to KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program), and I plan to reapply to Spain. I will just see how everything plays through, and where God gives me a peace on where to be next school year.
This month has been a great month of love, friendship, family, and enjoyment. I started a flamenco dance class as well. I would not say I’m great yet, but it’s a challenge and sometimes it’s a good thing to challenge yourself from time to time.
Where ever you are in life, remember to stop and enjoy where you are in that moment. The things, the place, the people, the food, the culture, simply everything. I mean don’t you want to play on the beach when the sky is a million different shades of gorgeous?!

Hi Mama! Miss you!  (see those yellow bldgs, thats my apt!)

"Lets run like fools on the beach!"

Love you, Daddy!
Do it.
Love love.

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