Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buena Suerte

Finally, I had all my paperwork in order and ready to turn in to begin my visa process!! So, this morning I got up early. I hate waking up early (bottom line). I had a million nerves, but so excited at the same time to finally get this off my shoulders and move forward in the Spain process.
My parents and I drove to Houston together, but of course we had to make a pit stop for food. I freaked out because I thought it would take forever at the Consulate, it was an hour away, and it closes at 1pm...but my parents laughed at me because it was 830am...PLENTY OF TIME! Im a worry wart, but I definitely got some hash brownsss....YUM!
After the pit stop, we started our mini roadd trippp!!! Family history: My dad likes to trick me, any time and all the time. At dinner time, he would always say things like, "OMG, look at that in the backyard! Is that an elephant??" and I would always believe him haha. Several years later, I learned his true self, which was a Food Stealer. So, in the car, he said, "omg, what is that on your shoulder?" and I said, "no, im not looking this time!" haha...but this time he was actually telling me the TRUTH. My mom was like, "no, look look its a ladybug!!" So, I looked and it was a sweet little ladybug!!! My Abuelita ( grandmother) says ladybugs are for good luck.
Being me, I felt bad that the sweet ladybug was stuck in the car and wanted to let it out. So, my mom gave me a piece of paper (sweet stationary haha) to help me pick it up. Sadly, when I opened the window, my plan backfired!! The air blew it in the car and I lost the ladybug (I though it for sure was a goner)!
An hour went by and we had arrived at the Consulate! As we parked I unbuckled my seatbeat, and guess who was there?! The ladybug on my leg, just simply chillin':) What a sweet blessing of luck!!! So, once again I let it free and it flew to the car haha. I guess it likes us:)
We walked in and rode that elevator to the suite!!! I was soo nervous, but was soo ready to get these papers to them! There was one girl there picking up her VISA to study abroad, just one! PLENTY OF TIME!
The sweet lady who took my paperwork said everything was in order, and that I would have to come back to pick it up when it was ready in a few short weeks!!! She was so excited for me, and wished me LUCK for teaching in Spain:)

It is a great feeling to be moving forward with the Spain process! Please pray for some friends of mine, who are waiting on some required documents to get to them so they can turn in all their paperwork for their Visa to begin processing!!

I just know it will be all worth it, and we will be in Spain before we know it!!

I will continue to keep you posted on new and fun things about Spain, as the time comes, but until then buena suerte:)

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