Thursday, September 15, 2011

Con mucho cariño y amor...

The past few weeks have been soo crazy, busy, fun, exhausting, and memorable in my life. Oh man, oh man! Im a bit behind on keeping youu lovely people updated! Cant wait to tell you about....Spain seminar, the new roomie, passport stuff, etc etc etc.

So a few Fridays ago, I attended a seminar for auxiliares, who returned from Spain, that discussed what to expect or be prepared to do to get a J O B in the states. Basically, how to market your experience the best! The program invited fresh meat to come as well!! So I trotted to Rice University for this 2 hr event! I love love love Rice village...from its museums to cute houses to fountains to the precious green trees...its a really neat district in Houston!

Round about Fountain, which of course reminds me of Europe

gorgeous trees leading to Rice

Similar looking homes in walking distance to Rice
After I parked in one of the visitor's lot, I walked and walked and walked. Of course I didnt know where I was going at all!! haha. I even asked a person, and they didn't even know where the Hall I was looking for was!! Really? But then I noticed, there was another girl wandering too!! So she stopped me and asked if I was going to the Spain seminar and I said yes, do you know where it is? We used her gps on her phone and we finally reached the specific hall.

The seminar went super quick and was super informative. After all the presentations from a school district in the area and a graduate program, we got to minggggleeeee! Always a favorite part in any setting like this for me! Im a social butterfly! The first person I talked to was this guy sitting beside me, he had been doing this for 2 terms and was about to start a 3rd! So I got a lot of nerves smoothed as we talked about schools, age groups, and private tutoring. So glad I meet him! Then the sweet rep from the program came up to us to chat, and she talked to me about how she learned English in England! She gave me some more comfort about learning a new language, especially when you are immersed. Then we went up for drinks and food. As I was walking up, I overheard a girl talking about being close to Morocco, so I turned around and asked her where she was placed. I honestly do not remember her city which is so rude, but then she asked mine. After I told her, she explained to me that she was told it would be better to live in my town since it was a bit was only 10 minutes away! So after chatting it up with new found friend, we decided to try to fly together and be roommates in Spain!!!! What a huge blessing, you could say my parents were happy! haha

Moving along to this past week, I picked up my passport!! Woo hooo!!! Also, I found my roommate's flight and booked it:) I know what you are, how great everything is finally coming together and that is soo wonderful!

Well, the sweetest blessing and surprise is about to be written:)

Here goes the story...

Once a upon a time, specifically 22 yrs ago hehe....two precious parents had their first child and daughter baptized in New York.

Baptism Fiesta

The parents received gifts of blessing for the little girl and her life to grow up in the church. They decided to do something important with those gifts for the little girl, so one day it would be used for the something meaningful in the girl's life. So they made a special form of investment for her.

This girl grew up to love many things....God, her family and friends, traveling, languages, cultures, Special Education, and children. Some people may even say, she especially loved pearls;)

So she graduated college and hoped for a new exciting adventure....she was blessed with teaching in Spain!! Now a month before she was expected to move to Spain, her loving parents told her about this special gift. So, the sweet mama went to the bank to figure out how much it invested. The sweet daddy, former banker, did his calculations and discovered that....

After the flight cost, taxes, extra baggage was EXACT AMOUNT:)

So, now the "grown up" young lady can go do her dream.

The end.

Some Dates to Remember:
I fly out Sept 21st, and will start searching/looking at "pisos" (apartments) my first weekend in Spain with my roommate(s). My first day is Oct 3rd, and I cant wait to meet my students! I will keep everyone updated on fun, new things about my first few weeks settling into my town! Thanks for your continued interest in my life and support!!!

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