Saturday, October 1, 2011

El piso y la playa!

Since our arrive to our beach town, Haley and I started looking at "pisos" (apartments). We didn't have a spanish phone to call people for viewings, so we used skype! No pasa nada, right?

We had MANY conversations via skype with spaniards! A few of our conversations went like this..

Me or Haley: Hola, (insert name)
Persona: Digame
Me or Haley: Tiene un piso para aquilar?
Persona: Si, digame
Me or Haley: Con tres habitaciones?
Persona: Si
Me or Haley: vale, quiero ver su piso. A que tiempo es mejor para ti?

Me or Haley: Hola, (insert name)
Persona: si si
Me or Haley: Tienes un piso para aquilar?
Persona: que?
Me or Haley: Quiero ver su piso. Que tiempo es mejor para ti?
Persona: Que? Que? Quien es? No entiendo.
Then they hung up on us haha..

Well after what felt like a million nervous phone calls, we got 3 viewings!! We did the happy dances A LOT!! eeeee!! We did it!

So the first piso we went to see was on the street before the beach. Que perfecto! It had 3 habitaciones, a spa tub in the bathroom, all new appliances in "la cocina" (the kitchen), and the breakfast area had a great view of the beach!! Que preciosa!! It cost 400 euros/mes (month), and we needed to pay for agua and luz (water, light bills). It was a family owned apartment as well.

El segundo piso was a bit farther from the bus station, the huge grocery store (aka HEB), and my school, but we thought why not see it. It had 3 habitaciones, 2 bathrooms, a sala room, and a living room. Super spacious!! The landlord spoke English as well, and introduced us to her friend who works at Haley's school!! The price was 350 euros/mes plus agua and luz.

El final piso was right on the beach, as in water front and private. It had 3 habitaciones, 1 bathroom with a huge tub, a dishwasher, washer, and a terrace to la playa!!!! The price was 450 euros/mes plus luz. The landlords were precious!! We adored them, and we met their sweet daughter (in college) as well!!

So after 3 nights in the hostel, and 3 pisos...we made our decision!!! But we went back to the cafe to make our pros and cons list, and it definitely confirmed that we had made the right choice!!
Drum rolll por favor.....We like in the last piso!!!!! For drum rolllll por favor.....400 euros!!
Then our Polish roommate came to town! It was the sweetest thing, because after searching and finding an apartment in another country...Lucyna was so grateful!! So, Haley, Lucyna, and I have been loving our playa!!
So yes, the americanos found a piso in Spain! They start work Monday, and could not be more excited to meet new espanolas!!

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