Sunday, October 16, 2011

Everything I need

This past week has been eventful, fun, homey, and filled with laughs. I feel like I have already been living here for a few months, which is crazy because it’s only been about 3 weeks.
To begin my week, I had work Monday and Tuesday. I created a PowerPoint for my students called, “Francis’s life, family, and friends.” It contained pictures from childhood memories, members of my family, Bella (of course, she had her own page!), friends, fun adventures through college, etc.
I loved showing each class, because their excitement and curiosity about me was precious! Every class has an assignment now after watching it. Since I told them about my life now I want to know all about their life! For example, one class is making mini posters about their life, family, and friends with a picture and decorations! I cannot wait to hang them up next week! I have the coolest students!!
I also have some homework for the school. My principal wants to make a bulletin board about me, so I have to make a poster about myself, my town, etc. Then around my poster will be little biographies about me from the 6th graders based on my PowerPoint and Q/A session. The 6th graders are way too much fun!
This week my coworkers and I started planning for “Halloween!” I am super excited to start teaching about this tradition, and have a blast during our Halloween festival! We have planned to teach every class a different Halloween song/chant for them to present to the school at the festival. Also, we have other great lessons to help them understand Halloween, and what it’s all about! So, I’m collecting material and resources for this topic, but most importantly, I have been trying to figure out with I’m going to be for the Halloween festival!! I have had a couple suggestions/requests…Blanca Nieva (Snow White), Minnie Mouse, etc…
 Beginning next month, I will be tutoring some students after school in English for 2hrs per grade levels. So Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm, I will tutor grades 1-3 for an hour and then grades 4-6 for an hour. So, I have been trying to collect resources and materials to help my babies as best I can! Phonics is soo happening! So, my wonderful mom is sending me some of my teaching stuff for my tutoring sessions! I’m so thankful!!
So, the first half of the week was pretty busy, but productive. Oh goodness, I cannot believe I forgot something realll important… We picked up our internet!!! I received a call from the internet company, and they needed me to show them my “tarjeta de residencia” (Residence Card). Well that is what I have been trying to apply for in Cadiz, but they were closed due to a “fiesta” ONLY in their town! So, I told the roommates, and we weren’t super happy since they never asked for this before! Long story short…I called Meli, our “madre Espanola” aka landlord/Spanish mom, to ask her if we could use her “tarjeta” to pick it up and such. Of course she was so nice and agreed! We went to pick it up, but they needed to check the information and we could official walk away with our internet in about 30 minutes, “no pasa nada” (no worries, right?). So we had a drink in the “calle”, meet Meli’s brother-in-law, visited her work, visited her sister and niece, and hung out at her house for a bit (I know the town is super small!). It was the sweetest thing to meet her whole family, and spend some time with them! It made me feel super homey, and I loved every minute of it, but my favorite part was her job.
She works in a “pensionista” (community center). So we meet the cutest old women who were best friends!! They were making table clothes and dollies, precious! They thought we were “muy guapa” and loved that we had all our teeth! Ha I really want to visit the “pensionista” more during my time here, because I got to practice my Spanish and maybe I can learn to make a table cloth or something…domestic Fran!!!
Then came Wednesday…guess what this day was? A HOLIDAY!!! Lay out in our backyard? Yes please!! It was a wonderful beach day, no wind!! In the evening, we went next door to play “loteria” with some Spanish friends. Basically, the Spanish form of BINGO! It was so nice, to have a chill night with some friends! Sadly, I did not win a single game…
Finally, my last work day of the week arrived, Thursday! I know I’m really roughing it, right? And yes I taught 2 classes with my coworkers, 10am-12noon! I love working with my students, it really is exactly what I want to do in life! Today actually was significant, because my principal, Julia, was supposed to have a meeting with the secondary coordinator. The secondary school wants me to work an additional 4 hours at their school. So Julia and the coordinator needed to work on my schedule to best benefit the students at my school and the secondary school through their English classes. Sadly, the coordinator did not show up, so I’m sticking with my schedule for next week at my school.
Thursday night, I went to Cadiz with my Spanish friend/coworker, Encarni. She had a doctor appt and asked if I would go with her. It was so nice to have a chill evening out of town for a change. We talked about everything in our life, and I learned a lot about Encarni. After her doctor appt, we had a cup of tea! The tea I picked was a fruit tea, and it seriously tasted just like a tea that Kaitlin brought back from Australia!! But overall, I’m thankful I get to work with her every day. She is a really great person, and we have had some great laughs together!

So far my life in Spain has been a great adventure, for what feels like over 2 months. I really am so happy to be at Juan XXIII Infant and Primary School! I thought the other day about how God works and realized that…Juan means “John” in English which is my brother’s name and XXIII is 23rd which is the day I was born. So I think that is God’s way of telling me…this is my will for you right now! I would think of that, right? J
No matter where I am in life, God has a funny way of giving me everything I need from family, friendships, joys, reassurance, laughter, and so much more.

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