Saturday, April 7, 2012

Es mi vida....

Its been a while since I sat down and wrote about life. My life has been fast, slow, fun, silly, hilarious, joyful, sad, happy, exciting, nervous, and of course moody. I’m just this american girl trying to figure out life in this world with some many things happening around me. I guess what I’m trying to say is…this past month has been a prime example for me that life is ever-constant, ever-changing, but somehow everything you ever need at the same time.

March has been a wonderful month. Haley’s best friend from Texas came to visit us during her Spring Break and boy did we have a blast! I really enjoyed having another Texan around and there was truly never a dull moment! We took her around the town. Throughout my experience living here in this “pueblo”, I selflishly wish I was in a bigger city at times even though I adore the little quirks and the people.  It was such a joy to see how the little things that I definitely take forgranted daily were once more appreciated. I think I needed thatJ

I did do some traveling to Sevilla, my beloved city in Andalucia as well. Though it was for a couple of days, it was worth every penny and every Starbucks for that matter (it’s a sweet blessing when I can order a coffee and drink it was soy milk, so I like to savor those moments). We spent a lot of time in “el centro” by the shops and the “Catedral”. Also, we took some time to see the “Universidad de Sevilla”J

Roomies at the Catedral, Sevilla

Loving that Starbucks!

It’s a fact that people who you ask to take your picture, 1 out of 3 will make funny comments to make you smile. Our photographer was a clever one. He told us he didn’t know which one was the monument (us or the university that is haha). Love the little English that Spaniards throw out from time to time.
Gorgeous girlies at the University

After Haley’s bff went home and we returned to the “pueblo”, life got back in routine. I have classes at school Monday- Thursday and I hold private lessons twice on Monday afternoon/evening, once Tuesday afternoon, and once Wednesday afternoon. So, I’m a pretty busy girl helping babes with their English while having fun!

Of course we could not let St. Patty’s Day slip away without some sort of celebration, so we had an Irish Girls Dinner with the other “auxiliares” in our town. It was so yummy too! It was an Irish beef and veggie stew, mm mmm good!!

As quickly as March came it went just as fast! I have another interview with a KIPP Houston Elementary School next week, so we will see how that goesJ Also, I have reapplied for another year in Spain, but hoping for a bigger city. We will see what God’s plan is, which I am excited about where ever life takes me.

I still have moments where I think “omg, I live in a different country”, “I speak (or try more like it) in Spanish”, “I get to teach those precious Spanish kids”, and of course “I can’t believe its almost over….”

If this isn’t living life to the fullest, then honestly I don’t know what is.

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